Netronome Broadens OpenStack Support

By Netronome | Oct 26, 2016

By now it’s clear that OpenStack is a standard for cloud deployments around the world, including some of the largest retailers and network operators. OpenStack has evolved quickly over the past few years, and continuous innovation has played a key role in OpenStack adoption.

Netronome is committed to remain at the forefront for OpenStack. Two examples of the progress we have made with our leading edge technology are highlighted in this blog.

The Agilio OVS server package has been awarded Mirantis Unlocked Validated status on Mirantis OpenStack 8.0, which is based on the Liberty release. Agilio OVS software and SmartNICs provide OVS offload for OpenStack compute servers, freeing up as many as 11 processor cores while providing wire speeds of 10GbE, 25GbE and 40GbE throughputs. In other words, OpenStack compute nodes experience higher throughput and lower CPU utilization when deployed with the Agilio platform rather than traditional NICs. The Agilio solution for Mirantis OpenStack supports the physical and logical topology of the OVS ML2 plug-in and includes a Mirantis Fuel plug-in. Compatibility is also planned for the OpenStack Mitaka and Newton releases.

Continuous innovation requires changes to accommodate new capabilities, such as those provided by SmartNICs. Netronome has filed a Request for Enhancement (RFE) with the OpenStack Neutron project to allow greater flexibility to support SmartNIC capabilities in OpenStack compute nodes. The RFE will address features of SmartNICs such as a high-performance combination of OVS offload acceleration and SR-IOV, Virtio and Express Virtio (XVIO), which combines standards-based and open source networking technologies including DPDK, SR-IOV and Virtio in an innovative way to bring unprecedented data center efficiencies. The Netronome RFE suggests modifications to OpenStack Nova and Neutron to allow more granular plugging logic semantics for OpenStack implementations. It can be found on the Neutron project Launchpad. We look forward to industry feedback as we enhance OpenStack to benefit from these new SmartNIC capabilities.

Watch this blog for further examples of Netronome’s pioneering support for the OpenStack ecosystem.