The Netronome Open Source Community

To foster open source development and research of server-based networking, Netronome utilizes multiple open source venues such as,,,, and others. Network datapath programming is an integral part of server-based networking and Netronome supports and maintains the code repository and development portal for this purpose.

Netronome in Open Source Projects

Host software drivers and Open vSwitch-related patches in the Agilio Software product are open-sourced and available both from the Netronome GitHub directories and Agilio Software drivers are up-streamed for inclusion in Linux kernel and user space modules at and Netronome makes significant contributions to the Open vSwitch community at

Netronome in Standards

Netronome is actively involved in many Data Center, Cloud and Telco networking standards bodies. Check out the full list of open source projects and standards bodies we participate in here.

Introduction to the Open-NFP Community

Netronome enables multiple programming models for its Agilio family of SmartNICs through active contributions to the open source community. The website offers reference system designs, tools and software for academic research and open source software development related to server-based networking.

Academic and Research Programs

Netronome supports universities worldwide for research projects related to server-based networking, utilizing its Agilio family of SmartNICs.

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Join the Open-NFP Community

It is easy to join the server-based networking development community - including both academia and industry - utilizing the Netronome Agilio family of SmartNICs.

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