Netronome, Advantech and Spirent Demonstrate Solution for SDN-Enabled Appliances and Servers

October 14, 2014

Santa Clara, CA – October 14, 2014 Netronome, the leading provider of data plane processing solutions for software-defined networks (SDN), today announced that the company will jointly demonstrate a solution, with Advantech and Spirent Communications, for high-performance appliances and servers in carrier-grade SDN and network functions virtualization (NFV) designs. The demonstration will be featured in the ONF SDN Solutions Showcase at the SDN and OpenFlow World Congress 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The demonstration features the Advantech® CGS-6010 server with Netronome® FlowNIC PCIe acceleration cards and FlowEnvironment software. The solution targets high-bandwidth virtualized environments where load balancing and packet classification tasks are more cost-efficient when offloaded. FlowNIC PCIe cards offer a highly programmable heterogeneous multicore architecture that tightly couples Netronome flow processing cores with the CGS-6010’s Intel for application and control plane processing over a high-speed virtualized PCIe datapath. The integrated solution delivers increased packet forwarding performance fully integrated with OVS and Intel® DPDK, making the Advantech CGS6010 instantly compliant with OpenFlow controllers and SDN overlay networks in carrier and data center environments.

The demonstration will also feature Spirent TestCenter® products which will be used to simulate the demanding traffic patterns of a large-scale SDN network. It will spotlight standards compliance, line-rate throughput, leading flow setup rates and interoperability for technologies such as VXLAN, NVGRE, MPLS, OVS and OpenFlow. Spirent TestCenter products give users the confidence that carrier grade systems can support the most demanding SDN environments.

“The Advantech CGS-6010 server, with Netronome’s acceleration, is an ideal solution for carrier-grade networks,” said Jarrod Siket, senior vice president and general manager of marketing at Netronome. “Our demonstration with Spirent validates that this solution is ready for deployment in critical SDN and NFV environments.”

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