Netronome Collaborates with Microsoft on Multi-Cloud SDN-NFV Service Orchestration

June 01, 2015

Santa Clara, CA – June 1, 2015 – Netronome today announced its ongoing technology collaboration with Microsoft at the upcoming tmforumlive! Conference June 1 – 4 in Nice, France to demonstrate dynamic load balancing across multiple virtual machines (VMs) operating in multi-cloud environments. The demonstration is a key part of the Multi-Cloud SDN-NFV Service Orchestration segment of the tmforumlive! Catalyst program. Catalyst projects showcase rapid-fire proof-of-concept demonstrations that bring together leading innovators leveraging TM Forum best practices and standards to ensure technology scalability, reuse, and reduced costs and risks.

This Catalyst project extends the Netronome/Microsoft collaboration from last December’s TM Forum to include compute and application scalability performing under advanced SDN-NFV management and orchestration.

“The Catalyst projects at TM Forum are among the best venues to demonstrate key advancements in SDN and NFV,” said Sujal Das, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Strategy and Data Center Business Unit with Netronome. “We’re honored to continue the working relationship with Microsoft as a means of showcasing how our respective technologies complement each other in multi-cloud SDN and NFV environments.”

Working with a host of other participating companies, including Cisco, Dell, SevOne, OpenNMS and Comverse, the demonstration features dynamic load balancing of traffic across multiple VMs operating across multiple servers or within the same server. The featured network workload is an open source virtual network function (VNF) application based on SNORT to illustrate automatic scale-in or scale-out capabilities through application instance management. In addition, a disaster recovery use case running across Cloud Service Providers operating over an MPLS WAN features Netronome SDN gateways at each edge of the cloud.

“This latest Catalyst project features some of the industry’s leading authorities on SDN and NFV and provides a real-world demonstration of Microsoft’s site recovery service for cloud infrastructure back-up,” said Eric Troup, CTO with Microsoft. “We’re excited to continue our working relationship with Netronome to demonstrate the rapid maturation of SDN and NFV for multi-cloud environments during this pivotal TM Forum Catalyst project.”

TM Forum attendees have the opportunity learn how Netronome’s intelligent server adapters enable a virtualized server to support more VMs, more tunnels, and more tenants. In addition, the demonstration illustrates how to secure more applications on virtualized servers without impacting throughput performance.

Netronome’s highly optimized solutions for SDN and NFV are based on a unique and advanced small core multi-threading processing architecture. This effectively reduces or eliminates memory access latency, which is a critical requirement in network virtualization and flow processing applications that dominate today’s SDN- and NFV-related products and deployments.

From a “future-proofing” standpoint, Netronome’s modular processing architecture and programmability enables optimized networking solutions that span the entire data center while allowing for rapid feature rollouts.

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