About Netronome

Bringing unprecedented levels of scale and efficiency to modern data center networking applications.

Netronome leads in heterogeneous processing solutions for data center architectures, integrating offload silicon and application-specific processors alongside x86-type processors. With scalable, programmable silicon architecture, Netronome enhances SoC designs, enabling agility and efficiency.

The board-level products, like SmartNICs, support modern data center functions, enhancing server TCO and flexibility. With deep expertise in networking and security, Netronome serves tier-one customers, having shipped hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services. Leveraging Netronome technology, it caters to a diverse market, offering hardware solutions for cloud data centers and enterprises.
Netronome products are accessible through various partners.

Our Team

Netronome’s team is a collaboration of some of the pioneers of flow processing-based networking technologies, with roots in industry-leading organizations, including AT&T Bell Labs, Broadcom, Cavium, FORE Systems and Intel. Now at Netronome, this diverse team is working together with the unified vision of bringing unprecedented levels of scale and efficiency to modern data center networking applications.

Niel Viljoen

CEO and Founder

Niel was the founding CEO of Netronome and, as a technology and business visionary, has led the company in the development of x86 networking co-processing solutions, resulting in significant revenue growth. Prior to founding Netronome, Niel served as group Chief Technology Officer for Marconi plc after serving as General Manager and Senior Vice President of the FORE Systems Service Provider Business Unit, where he drove a highly successful ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) adapter and switch portfolio of products. He attended the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and Cambridge University in the UK.

Perry Grace


Perry has over 30 years of experience in the finance and high-tech industries. Prior to Netronome, Perry served as CFO of Zilog, where he drove significant revenue growth prior to its acquisition by Ixys Corporation. Prior to that, Perry was CFO of Ramp Networks where he led an IPO and successful acquisition by Nokia. Perry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, Business Law and Computer Science from Deakin University in Geelong, Australia, and was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Johann Tönsing

CTO and Founder

Johann is a recognized industry expert in SDN, Linux-based networking technologies, network virtualization, security, and NFV. Johann has been an active contributing member and has been nominated to leadership roles in multiple standards bodies related to SDN and NFV. As Netronome’s Chief Architect, Johann leads all aspects of Netronome’s product design and development, with heavy emphasis on advanced and open server-based networking technologies, where he also holds multiple patents. He holds a Master of Engineering in Electronics.

David Wells

Founder, Product and Technology Strategist

David is a business-focused technologist and entrepreneur with over 35 years experience in the data networking, telecommunications, wireless, and security sectors. Most recently, he served as VP Product Management for security products at Symantec and Blue Coat. Prior to this, David was a co-founder of Netronome and responsible for the SSL Inspector product line which Blue Coat subsequently acquired. David has been actively involved in the development of a number of international standards in the technology space, and is the holder of multiple patents. David holds a PhD from Cranfield Institute of Technology.

Jim Finnegan


Jim has over 30 years of senior management experience in the networking and communications industries. Prior to Netronome, Jim was GM of both the Network Processor Division and the Communication Infrastructure Group’s Technology Office at Intel. Prior to Intel, Jim was at Basis Communications, where he was a key member of the executive team that negotiated its highly successful acquisition by Intel. Jim has Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electronic Engineering from The Queens University, Belfast.